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Functional Morphology. We use biomechanics and manipulative experiments to understand how plant

reproductive structures work.

Phylogeny. We use large molecular phylogenies to understand patterns of character evolution and their relationship to biogeography and diversification.

Reproductive Macroevolution. We combine data from fossils, living species, and functional morphology to understand conifer cone evolution.


Reproductive Complexity. We analyze patterns in the basic structure of plant reproductive structures at broad phylogenetic and temporal scales. 

Conifer Cone Development. We explore relationships between function, ontogeny, development, and the evolution of morphological diversity in conifers.


Conifer Ecology. We synthesize phylogenetic, trait, and geographic data in order to understand the distribution and assembly of conifer communities.


Paleobotany. We find and describe new fossil taxa in order to understand reproductive evolution and diversification in deep time .

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